The nature of the pandemic and its emphasis on isolation for public safety quickly showed us how much we value and need connection and community in our lives. From physical to mental benefits, the sense of camaraderie and belonging inherent in being a part of any community can’t be understated.

What can being a part of a community like Waverly Heights do for you?

Sense of Belonging

Living in a community like Waverly Heights provides residents a sense of belonging that can fuel our purpose and passion. Belonging in any situation brings with it a sense of kinship and being a part of something bigger than ourselves, which has been proven to boost both physical and mental health.

Never Alone

Even if you live by yourself, when you live in a community you’re never truly alone. The opportunity to interact with fellow community members regularly makes it easier to forge lasting connections and takes the work out of staying socially involved, which is an important aspect of anyone’s wellbeing.


There is a certain peace of mind that comes with living in community and looking out for one another, as well as having others in close proximity should you need help quickly. A community like Waverly also offers healthcare expertise that you can rely on to ensure your wellbeing is paramount and you have the support you need for any medical assistance.


Living in a community like Waverly Heights means you have access to some of life’s most important needs: food, healthcare, social activities, safe living options and more. The best part? It’s all right at your fingertips, which makes it easy to keep all of these aspects a priority in your life.


Being surrounded by others and their experiences, opinions and interests exposes all people to new information and learning opportunities. These ongoing learning opportunities keep our minds engaged and stimulated, which is incredibly vital at any age.

Life at Waverly Heights 

If you’re considering a life at Waverly Heights, you’re in good company. The benefits above are just a small sampling of how your life will be enriched when you live with others and can share in life’s experiences together.

But don’t just take our word for it, here is what our residents have to say:

“We can’t overemphasize how grateful we are to be here. Every aspect of this community and the people who live and work here have made this phase of our lives beautiful.”

“Everyone we talked to here told us not to wait too long to move. We didn’t. We moved young, and it was a wonderful decision. We have the energy and the health to enjoy everything that Waverly Heights has to offer.”

“If you want to be quiet and be by yourself, you certainly can, but you are warmly invited to make friends and do things, and the activities here are unlimited.”

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