What does life at Waverly look like? Well, it looks a lot like the life you already know. With a healthy dose of the life you want to get to know better.

A Life of Style

Waverly Heights is a life plan community offering a life free to explore new beginnings, to accept new challenges, to build new friendships, to feel secure and more. Waverly provides a supportive, welcoming environment where you can continue to thrive and maintain your independence.

You can have a lifestyle as active as you wish or as private as you wish it to be, complete with exceptional services and amenities.

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A Life of Action

There is always something to experience and enjoy at Waverly Heights.  Our calendar is filled with lectures, musical performances, movies, documentaries, dance classes, recreational games, book clubs, academic classes, fitness classes, putting, croquet, swimming, computer classes…to name just a few. Trips to the orchestra, museums, cultural events, historical sites, and other local attractions help to round out the offerings.

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A Life of Opportunity

Life doesn’t end at Waverly… it marks a new beginning. You will make new friends, experience new musical offerings, enjoy excellent 5-star meals, and learn new things. Our life-long enrichment programs have covered such topics as:

  • Justice and Political Philosophy
  • American Past: Myth and Reality
  • Science of Climate Change
  • Islam Past and Present
  • Contemporary China.

We have much to offer you.

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