The Waverly Heights Foundation was created to help fulfill the needs of the Waverly community. These needs include financial assistance for individual residents, staff training, scholarships, and employee assistance in time of need, and general improvements to the Waverly campus. Management, the Foundation Committee and Waverly Heights’ Board of Trustees are committed to preserving and enhancing the Waverly environment through supporting its people and culture. The Foundation is about providing people a vehicle to help others in the Waverly community.

Purpose In Giving

The Waverly Heights Foundation was established in 1990. The Board of Trustees of Waverly Heights, Ltd. through its Foundation Committee, oversees the funds that have been contributed and is responsible for the investment and distribution of the funds. The Foundation offers distinct funds for the purposes of ensuring and enhancing the quality of life at Waverly Heights. Contributions to the following funds are considered “restricted” in that the gifts may only be used for the purpose specified by the donor.


Statue of a Happy Girl Raising Her Arms in the Waverly Gardens

The Residents' Assistance Fund

The Residents’ Assistance Fund is a fund whose origin can be traced to the foresight of the first wave of Waverly residents. As its name suggests, the purpose of the fund is to provide help to those residents who have demonstrated a financial need. An individual’s financial circumstances may change over time and, as a result, the monthly fee or other living expenses may prove to be a hardship. Should this occur, a resident may request assistance through the Residents’ Assistance Fund. The Waverly Heights’ Board also provides an annual contribution to the Foundation and has identified the Residents’ Assistance Fund as its priority to meet increased financial subsidy needs.

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Employees' Assistance Fund

The purpose of the Employees’ Assistance Fund is to assist Waverly staff in time of need and with professional development. The Fund provides tuition reimbursement to Waverly employees who complete educational courses to expand their professional skills and development. This fund also provides for special training classes held for staff. This employment benefit not only makes Waverly more attractive in our highly competitive job market, but it also impacts the quality of life for our employees, and improves their service and job performance for the community.

“I used Waverly’s Tuition Reimbursement Program to obtain my Master’s Degree from Alvernia University. I always wanted to go back to school after I got my Bachelor’s Degree but other financial obligations prevented that. Thanks to Waverly, I was able to go back to school and complete the required courses necessary to get a Master’s in Organizational Leadership. In addition, I also take advantage of Waverly’s Student Loan Repayment program for my undergrad student loans. I will always be grateful for Waverly’s tuition programs.”


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The Croquet Court at Waverly Heights

Campus Improvement Fund

The purpose of the Campus Improvement Fund is to provide the means through which individuals can make contributions to enhance the appearance and operation of the Waverly campus. Individuals who wish to support specific improvement projects to Waverly’s grounds and buildings may make contributions to this fund.

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The Margarett F. McKeel Family Educational Endowment

The Margarett F. McKeel Family Educational Endowment was established in 2017 to financially support staff of Waverly Care Associates or Waverly Heights in their pursuit of a license as a Registered Nurse (RN). Employees who have demonstrated drive, determination and commitment to pursuing a Registered Nurse license may apply for a grant. Scholarship applicants must meet all criteria prescribed by an accredited institution providing a Registered Nurse license program and meet all of the prerequisites for the program. Use of Endowment funds is applicable towards tuition, books and other fees associated with the Registered Nurse license program.

“The McKeel Family Endowment has allowed me to follow my dreams of being a nurse while working at a place I can call home for many years to come.”

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Why Give to Waverly?

The gratification that comes from assisting our residents and staff while strengthening Waverly as a community is our greatest reward. Assurance of quality care and service in a financially stable and secure atmosphere will be strengthened through gifts made to the Waverly Heights Foundation. Designated contributions will be used for the purpose specified by the donor. In addition to building a more secure financial future for Waverly residents, gifts to the Waverly Heights Foundation are also tax deductible as charitable contributions, since Waverly is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization and is registered in Pennsylvania as a purely public charity.