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Waverly has been the community of choice for many over the years. As one generation of residents has succeeded or overlapped another, a distinguished demographic has emerged.  The census shows that Waverly has become a family tradition.

There are now over 60 interrelated family members that have lived or are now living at Waverly Heights.  These include parents, children, siblings, cousins, and in-laws.  Generations even carry down to pets, as two resident’s dogs were related; they were brother and sister!

This special generational tradition continues as there are currently 14 more relatives of Waverly residents (past and present) waiting in the wings on the Priority Member List to become residents!

Why do we think this is important? Well, it speaks to the character and quality of the Waverly Heights community. Generations remember the past, create the present, and inspire the future. We are honored that many generations choose to carry on their family tradition of living life at Waverly Heights.


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