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In 2011, Pennsylvania created new legislation to distinguish between Personal Care and Assisted Living. Despite the fact that the terms personal care and assisted living have been used interchangeably, it’s important to note that these are different.

While both provide housing and 24 hour support and supervision for residents who need help with the tasks of daily living, one of the major differences is their healthcare options.

A personal care home is a residential facility that gives residents access to a dedicated healthcare facility on the same campus, should they need any healthcare services. Assisted Living does not have healthcare facilities, so any health care services need to be brought in to wherever the resident is.

Many assisted living options provide housing and support for basic daily activities such as cooking and getting around, and potentially a few other services. Personal care facilities offer housing and support, along with additional choices when it comes to care and activity.

Waverly Heights is a Personal Care facility, offering two different licensed personal care homes: Windsor and Devonshire. Windsor promotes independence and choice by providing just the right amount of support necessary to cultivate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This environment allows individuals who need some assistance with daily care needs to continue to live safely on their own.

Devonshire specializes in supporting the individual needs of those with memory loss. Residents of Devonshire benefit from a fully structured day while receiving assistance with activities of daily living and medication management.

Waverly’s Healthcare Center is undergoing renovations to expand its personal care and memory support. Construction to its Health Care Center aims to resize and position accommodations within the building to meet the demands of an industry shift away from skilled nursing and towards personal care.

Waverly Heights is a Life Plan Community offering many different types of support for its residents. As needs arise, residents can transition through various levels of care, including personal care, memory care, and skilled nursing.

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