Dr. Boots Cassel and her husband, Bill, moved into Waverly Heights in September of 2016.

The sense of community and family is what Boots loves most about Waverly. “The feeling of community at Waverly Heights is something you truly cannot know until you live here. Waverly is like a family, where employees and residents love and support each other.”

There are many residents with the same interests, and Waverly provides opportunities for those residents to get together to explore those interests together. Boots says she lives “a very full life here at Waverly, due to the large variety of activities and events always going on.” Boots is a resident trustee on the Board of Trustees, co-chair of the bridge committee, garden committee, resident computer technology   advisory committee, and holiday bazaar committee. Also, she is a member of the breakfast club, library committee, and lifelong learning committee here at Waverly.

Boots, a Delaware native, earned her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Delaware. She was a professor at Villanova University for 35 years, a department chair for 6 years, and is now recently retired. After 50 years spent teaching computer sciences, Boots is now enjoying more free time to dedicate to her passion, travel.  She most recently returned from a magnificent trip to Egypt!

Boots and Bill have three sons, one of which is a software engineer, following in his mother’s footsteps in the computer science field. Their three sons all live within close proximity to Waverly, so they enjoy visiting with them often.