A well-traveled road led George Ludden to Waverly Heights. His road includes being born in Virginia, growing up in Michigan, moving to California, South Carolina, Ohio, back to Virginia, then landing right here, on the beautiful Main Line.  George moved to Waverly in 2022 and hit the ground running by staying active and joining in the wide assortment of activities offered at Waverly Heights.

“My favorite part about living at Waverly is the socialization, which rarely exists in settings outside of a community like Waverly,” said Ludden. He is an active member of the resident marketing advisory committee and regularly participates in bocce ball, yoga, Pilates, working out in the fitness center, and playing bridge and cribbage.

George led an exciting professional career as an engineer. He was also one of the first nationally registered emergency medical technicians in the United States. He was a soccer referee for 30 years, which included traveling to four different countries to referee for Special Olympics World Games. After retirement, George got bit by the acting bug and became an extra in television and movies. His big screen credits include Lincoln, The Good Lord Bird, Homeland, Mercy Street, VEEP, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

An interesting fact not many know about George is that he lectured on nuclear safety in Czechoslovakia in the 1980’s while it was still part of the Soviet Union. He’s also been inside a nuclear power plant containment while it was running at full power. George laughed and said, “If anyone is wondering why I was in there, I was inspecting paint, I hope they ask me why, when they see me around Waverly!”