The defining characteristic of a Life Plan Community is care options, ranging from independent living, to skilled nursing support, to other levels in between, all offered at one central campus. Life Plan Communities have also been referred to as Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Residents can transition through the various levels of care as needs arise, without having to search for a new home. But, a Life Plan Community goes beyond a place to live and creates an environment complete with the elements needed to live fully.

What are the benefits of a Life Plan Community?

In addition to maintenance-free living options, Life Plan Communities offer social and lifestyle events, fitness and wellness amenities, gourmet food options, and educational programs. Beyond just the activities and programs offered, though, Life Plan Communities provide an opportunity to be a part of a community and to share in the company of fellow residents. The main focus of any life plan community is to create holistic wellness and a full lifestyle.

How is a Life Plan Community different from other senior housing options?  

A Life Plan Community offers varying levels of care all in the same location, ranging from independent living to long-term care. Along with these care options, a Life Plan Community takes a comprehensive approach to living, with various amenities, services, programming, and social opportunities for residents to choose from. A Life Plan Community ultimately puts its residents in control of how active they want their lifestyle to be and how much support they need at each stage of their life.


What are the benefits of choosing Waverly Heights as my Life Plan Community? 

At Waverly Heights, wellness is much more than the absence of illness. It addresses the emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and psychological well-being of each resident. Waverly Heights offers social, fitness, educational, and recreational programs and services to enhance well-being and quality of life and minimize the effects of aging and disability.

Residents of Waverly Heights also have the peace of mind, security and knowledge that, should the need arise, the highest quality of healthcare is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

That peace of mind, coupled with luxurious residences and unrivaled access to upscale and casual dining, state-of-the art fitness and wellness programs, and engaging social activities, make Waverly Heights the premier choice in Life Plan Communities.